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This Is Me Breathing - "I am at home with the me. I am rooted in the me who is on this adventure. This is me breathing." --Marty Blank

  • This Is Me Breathing: #61: Let's Get It On - Visit our site for more information, news and other interesting content including more of theses comic strips.
  • This Is Me Breathing: NHL: Quarterly Report - So we're about a quarter of the way into the first season of the NEW NHL. A season that many people in Canada have been anxiously awaiting. A season that promised a new beginning, a new financial system and a...

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    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • Penny Kelley - Great book!

    This was so well written! The science of what happens during a fast was presented in terms that a layman can understand. I had a lot of questions in my head about fasting and they were all answered (plus a few more). Even though it was a book about fasting, I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. I am so excited and positive about adding a little fasting to my life.

  • Tavia Rampersad - ... son and I have to admit that we TOTALLY love it. It is so soft and comfortable that ...

    Im already the owner of a Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 car seat for my son and I have to admit that we TOTALLY love it. It is so soft and comfortable that my little girl and boy fall asleep when they strapped in.

  • M. Lewis - This works for me

    After taking the 2 pills twice daily to start, I did have a noticeable improvement in my knees. It didn't cure a sprain any faster, but has eased the soreness in my knee joints. I've also noticed an improvement in my shoulders which used to ache at night.

  • Amazon Customer - The very fact that I have been able to live my life NOT acknowledging this terrible history in my hometown is proof of my white

    I have followed Beth Macy's writing for decades. She was a feature writer for my local newspaper, and I always looked forward to her articles. So I knew she would tell a compelling story in her new book "Truevine" -- the story of two albino African-American brothers exploited by the circus in the early 20th century. But I didn't expect to learn more about myself in the process.

  • oregoncat - Not a good cleanse. This is sold as a weight loss ...

    Not a good cleanse. This is sold as a weight loss program and "oh yeah" it is also a cleanse. Beware of the marketing, if you are older this might not be a good fit. I am in my 40's, overweight but a former college athlete and I keep myself in decent cardio/strength shape despite this. Thought this would be a good way to cleanse my body and lose fat while avoiding muscle loss. Unfortunately, I experienced a dramatic drop in energy through out the entire cleanse. Futhermore, I missed work because of headaches and dizziness, couldn't work out and was truly miserable. I have completed supervised cleanses twice before with professional naturopathic care. I know a little about nutrition and in my opinion there is NOT enough protein (aminos) in this program for a heavyset athlete or a muscular person. The concept is good but it is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL product and geared more for women. I did lose weight (16 lbs) - but if you starve yourself for 10 days and drink lots of water I think the results wouldn't be that different. Whatever you do, consult a physician on this one.

  • ian sweet - Performs as advertised

    This product performs as advertised and was wonderful for testing my Geiger counter. The only drawback associated with this product is that constant NSA surveillance has slowed down my internet to the point where I can no longer play World of Warcraft.

  • buckeyeohio - The Biggest Pain EVER!

    I never installed a password on our 2013 version, but when I tried to uninstall it to then install the 2014 version, it said I had. It took me hours to figure out a work around for this. I would NEVER buy this product again if I knew they were going to do this. It is an incredible pain!!!!!