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  • 2mao - A lot of movement

    First of all, the look of the ball is very cool. Construction looks decent, but will have to wait and see till I destroy the ball in a matter of time. The ball is very different from the other indoor balls such as Tachikara, Wilson and past Mikasa versions in that you'll first notice the feel of the ball. It doesn't have much of a cushion unlike the other brands/balls...this is an advantage for hitters who know how to smack the ball. Unlike some other complaints about the heavy weight, I personally like it. Again the added weight gives the ball its speed when you hit the ball properly. The dimple design is also an advantage for people who know how to serve a floater or jump gives the ball amazing movement. What I'm really surprised about is how EASY it is to controll the ball on sets, especially back sets and shoots...I believe due to the new seem and dimple design. Overall this is a great quality ball and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game.

  • Mike S. Hansen - Deceptive marketing and crappy game

    This is a rotten game. We've tried to get it to work several times. It said you don't need any extra hardware to play and that you can use your phone. Apparently that's just for the online game on a computer. It's deceptive, counter-intuitive and not very good. Don't buy it. If I could return it I would but we have given up trying to play this.

  • Elizabeth - So Much Fun

    This is our first Lego Advent Calendar and we are quite happy with it. I ordered back in the beginning of November and the anticipation of being able to open it was almost too much for my daughter. It arrived a little crunched on the corner, but I think that was during shipping, so we had to cut the play mat/flap off so it will lay flat. My daughter runs downstairs first thing to open the new day then runs back to show me what she made. Each day she changes the scene with each new item. I hope she still loves Legos next year so I can buy another one. This has been an excellent purchase, I was a little concerned about it being so costly, but to see how happy my daughter is makes it worth it. We are only a few days into December but I love watchinig her scene develop each day.

  • Khunsaker - Great Results

    Two weeks into use of nioxin and there is a noticeable difference in my husband's hair. He has been using equate hair regrowth foam for just over a year which seamed to slow the loss but not reverse it. Just above his forehead has been thinning for the last 2 years it make him self concious enough to do something about it. I purchased nioxin for Christmas after speaking with a male hairstylist and we are happy with this choice. It has a minty menthol smell that is just fresh and clean. Small amount if tingling with the conditioner but feels refreshing. Thicker longer hair. He has stopped threatening to shave his head so I am happy.. not quite ready for that but someday.

  • belmont - Truly Healthy Hair😍💗😊💞

    Nzuri...this would be by 2 month review. It's a wonderful Vitamin Tonic and it's full of the essential vitamins that promote hair health and the overall vitality for your body. I haven't experienced any side effects. Now, there are some very interesting changes in the strands of my hair. First, my hair increased in thickness, I already had thick 4b-4c hair. Each strand of my hair is thick from root to tip. Next, the luster of my hair increased without the added moisturizing aids. I've definitely experienced less breakage. Finally, and continuing hair length changes around the 8-10 week my hair went from earlobe length in the front to neck-length and shoulder length in the back. Here are a couple of thinks to know, I trimmed my hair when I first started the Elixer. If you are on the fence and want results that are lifelong(which requires patience and dedication) then this truly the product for you. It is result driven but, it's not overnight, try it your hair will love you for it!!

  • J. Parks - Can't recommend this enough for any frustrated "Nice Guy"

    This book really helped me change my perspective on marriage and is so far leading me into a much better place. I've started the MAP and have already seen positive results. I can't wait to see where I'll be both physically, mentally and in my marriage 6 months from now...