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MARÍLIA DE LIMA - INTELIGÊNCIA EM PROJETOS E EVENTOS - Marília de Lima - Conteúdo sobre INTELIGENCIA EM PROJETOS E EVENTOS p 3º setor, cultura, economia criativa, turismo, arte educação, empreendedorismo.

  • GERENCIAMENTO DE PROJETOS - Marília de Lima - Gerenciamento de projetos não é uma matéria nova. Mas a novidade é a profissionalização sobre o assunto que começa a atingir todos os setores da economia.
  • REDES SOCIAIS - DICAS DE COMO USAR - Marília de Lima - Não dá pra fugir, você tem que estar nas redes sociais. Mas é preciso cautela e planejamento para que as ações surjam efeito. Veja como....
  • PLANEJAMENTO ESTRATÉGICO - Marília de Lima - Planejamento estratégico é algo fundamental que toda empresa, entidade, pessoa deve ter. Fazer sucesso e ser sustentável requer organização e planejamento.

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • GMDimples33 - Interesting

    This book was a good read on a person who is often referred to, but lacks much depth in coverage. I enjoyed a fairly easy read at it felt much more like a novel than a historical book. There was enough historical reference to add flavor, but the characters often felt two dimensional. I was often left wanting. The ending seemed rushed. However, I overall enjoyed this.

  • Riley C. Porter - Great Chromebook

    I bought this to be my personal daily driver for two reasons: 1) I wanted to try something new, as I've got Windows/Mac/Linux all around the house; 2) I really didn't have anything to call my own -- my usuals are work-issued and the others around the house are for the family. I was holding out for the new Acer 14" that's all-aluminum, but it still not having a firm release date made me look for another.

  • V. Beecher - lightweight sturdy stroller

    I have been using this stroller for about a year for walks around the neighborhood, trips to the zoo, and parks. It is great on paved surfaces and packed sand/dirt park trails. My kid seems pretty happy in it.


    I bought this for pokemon go since that game takes soooo much battery and it is so not working, it charges extremely slow.I know for the first cycle it is suppose to take its time but this is rediculous. I am so disappointed by this product I was expecting more.It is extremely bulky, and well I was okay with it as long as it did its job but no.It is bulky, and just doesn't work it takes around 30 minutes for a 1% increase.

  • Bryan G. - A must have in any athletes gym bag!

    These knee sleeves are fantastic, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about exercise, or is experiencing knee pain. The size chart that Mava offers works very well, after measuring the circumference of my knee, I ordered the appropriate size sleeve and the fit feels perfect. After a few weeks of use, I can say that these sleeves appear very durable and will last me quite a while. They are reinforced in the right places, as to not cause chaffing or any uncomfortable areas. There is very good support, but they still allow for a full range of motion in knee flexion and extension. I use them for my warm ups, to give me knee some stability, but also to bring blood flow to my knee for a better and safer workout. When I squat heavy, or squat frequently and repetitively during a workout I will slip these on and my knee will stay comfortable and supported even when they are fatigued. I am able to get more out of every workout this these sleeves.. Not to mention they are very simple to take on and off.