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  • LEE RUVINSKY - Dont buy this if you want to have extreme power

    I have this box with 2 twelve inch alpine r subs which were recommended to fit. They fit fine but the Alpine have 1000 rms power.

  • Chuck - This $ hungry beast will battle

    We've been using the older model since 2008. We've been through numerous domes, so buy the expensive dome early (2 years so far, no cracks). We replaced the convection head once, the old one works but was buzzing and stinky from splatter. The plastic under tray is brown from grease, make sure you dump the water out of it after each use. The metal grease tray and cooking racks have held up well over the years, and you will defiently need metal scrubbies and some elbow grease to clean em - defiently the worse part of cleaning nuwave. Over many years the start button and reset button on top need a magic touch to work but we have mastered it. By far this is the absolute last item we wash during dishes, I'm happy knowing the greasy mess this thing makes is not in my arteries.

  • Leisant Giraux - This is a phenomenal product!

    PerfectAmino has helped me immensely in my recovery from nerve damage. Additionally, I recommended PerfectAmino to a family member for weight loss and she is delighted by its efficacy.

  • Alaskan buyer - Great alternative to expensive solid surface countertops

    Bought this to resurface my mom's kitchen and two bathroom countertops. Prep was labor intensive, application was easy but makes a huge mess with color chips. She has had nothing but great compliments from realtors and buyer. Lots of sanding but for 2 kits to resurface kitchen and two bathroom countertops ($400) is alot cheaper than new solid surface countertops.

  • motmom - Once/day does the trick!

    I initially followed the package instructions and doctor's orders - twice a day with Women's Rogaine for my thinning hair. Did it work? Oh, it worked, all right. Hair came in with a vengeance! I had hair growing in places that had never had hair before! Think Planet of the Apes. I was horrified. A dermatologist told me to stop using it for 2 months, then try again using it only once/day. So, 2 months later, I did just that. It's been 6 months and my hair completely filled in, the hair in unwanted places has gone away for the most part (will explain later), and I'm thrilled! I will say that once, maybe twice about 4 months ago, a nickel size patch of hair fell out above my temples, but hair filled in rapidly there, thank goodness. I use it every day, just once/day. One month I forgot to use it a couple of times, but that didn't cause a problem. As for hair in unwanted places - I have a few hairs above the corners of my mouth as a result of the treatment, but a personal grooming tool removes them in seconds. No big deal. I'm just happy I have my full head of hair back!