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Reactive Attachment Disorder Colorado | Institute For Attachment and Child Development - We heal children with reactive attachment disorder and promote healthy family bonds. Since 1972, our nonprofit has lead the way in treatment, education and advocacy in our field.

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder Colorado and Surrounding States | Meet Us – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Our staff and board is a committed, passionate, tight-knit group. We continue each day in order to overcome the pain and hurt of attachment disorder, one person at a time.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder Denver and Surrounding Cities | Our Staff – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - “It warms my heart to see kids and families feel better after they’ve struggled in the mental health system for so many years.” -Forrest leads the Institute out of his passion to unite families.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Our Treatment Families – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Most of the treatment parents have gone through our program with their own children. They truly understand how to work with kids with attachment disorder.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Our Board – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - “After a long search through several organizations, i finally found the institute for help for my own child with attachment issues. With the direction of forrest lien and his trainings, the institute makes such a differences in the lives of children, parents, and foster parents."
  • Colorado Reactive Attachment Disorder | Explore Our Services – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - The Institute for Attachment and Child Development believes that all children deserve to grow into healthy, happy adults. And that all parents deserve genuine support and respect in their pursuit to connect with their children.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | How We're Different/Our Model – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - We are experts and pioneers in the field of attachment. We base our treatment model on neuroscience research and years of experience. The kids in our program live with real families and attend small district schools, not facilities.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Family Treatment Program – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Because we truly understand the complexities of attachment disorder, our program is unlike any other. Our model—based on ongoing research—comes to life in real homes with treatment families.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Consultation & Community Services – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - It’s important for our treatment community to collaborate. Families and kids need us. We’re happy to work with other professionals who seek training or services for their clients with attachment issues.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Adult Attachment Therapy – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Our Adult Treatment Process - We create a unique treatment plan for every person. Based on your specific needs, we may include a range of therapeutic processes.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Neurofeedback – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Neurofeedback helps with everything from sleep problems to reactive attachment disorder. And it’s drug-free, pain-free, and safe.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Treatment Rates & Funding – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - We raise funds each year to provide needy families with treatment for reactive attachment disorder. Unfortunately, the need is great and our fundraising monies deplete quickly.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Learn About Attachment Disorder – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - “We know how it feels when no one understands you. We felt hopeless, sad, mad, scared, worried, and angry too. When you come to the institute, everyone gets it. And then it’s a feeling of hope.”
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Find Answers About Attachment Issues – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Most people don’t know anything about attachment disorder. Few have heard of the term. Here are common questions people ask us. Please learn more from our resource library and reach us for further information about your own situation.
  • Children Reactive Attachment Disorder | Workshops – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Don't see an event in your area or of interest? If you'd like to organize an event near you, please call forrest lien at 303-674-1910 for details.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Resource Library – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Resource Library | John Alston, MD - New Findings in Diagnosis: Correlation Between Bipolar Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder | Margaret Meinecke, LCSW, CAC III - Adult Attachment Disorder
  • Children Reactive Attachment Disorder | Videos – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Learn about the complex dynamics of the disorder within the family and how to find help.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Read Our Testimonials – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Parents come to us worn and weary. They usually don’t find us until they’ve seen countless other therapists and have gone through social services. Our hope is that other families find us sooner. We’re grateful to have met the following families when we did.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Join Our Mission – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - “The institute of attachment disorder is a beacon of light for families like ours…parents who search desperately for help to literally save their children and families.”
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Tell Your Friends About Us – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - The more you learn, the more you share, the more kids we can treat. Learn about reactive attachment disorder, find out what we do, tell your friends and families about our success.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | End the Stigma – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - We’ve come a long way in the field of attachment therapy. Not so long ago, attachment disorder didn’t even have a name. While we’ve learned a lot and found success, many people are still confused or misled about attachment therapy.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder Colorado and Nationwide | Reach Us – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - The Institute For Attachment Disorder is located in Colorado. We work with clients nationwide including, Albuquerque, Arizona, California, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nebraska, New Mexico, Phoenix, San Diego, South Dakota and Wyoming.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder | Donate to Kids & Families – Institute For Attachment and Child Development - Give kids a chance to live, love, and grow. 100% funds parents who can't afford reactive attachment disorder treatment for their kids. We’re happy to take your donation by mail or over the phone.

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