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  • K.M Gabriel - AMAZING Keyboard!

    Exactly what I expected! The colours are AMAZING! For any gamer or lover of "clicky" keys, this is the keyboard for you. I have the BlackWidow Chroma mouse and the two sync up to change colour together! The colours are pleasing and change at a great speed. With the Synapse control, you can change anything you want about this keyboard. The response time is amazing. I hardly have to apply pressure to move my characters in game. The five, programmable keys to the left make assigning keys a breeze! Worth it for the ease of installation and the ports on the side for MIC, Speaker/headset and USB!

  • JayeemMuggs - Cole Under Pressure.

    Finally The closest J.Cole well get since the Warm up. This whole album was definitely a return to his roots and he did not disappoint.

  • rcalien - So far the tablets work as stated. Also today ...

    So far the tablets work as stated. Also today My kidney Dr. mentioned they could help. She brought it up.

  • BB&NEKO - I was truly astounded that it worked !

    I didn't expect it to work. A very benign substance. No smell, no heat. I thought "Well, that was a waste of money." But I gave it a chance, and applied it (no directions) to my ankle that has been increasingly painful for the last year, mainly in bed at night, from traumatic arthritis due to a 30 year old fracture. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it has worked for me. In fact, after no pain for the first week, I decided it must be a coincidence that it seemed to help, that I really didn't need it any more. Ankle pain. I got up and applied it. No ankle pain. Really. Unbelievable ! That was a few months ago. I only need it occasionally now. I still always expect it NOT to work, like so many of those cure-alls. But so far I've been pleasantly surprised.