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    Obesity and Diabetes have the potential to eventually cause cancer, heart disease,blindness and loss of limbs besides blindness. The cost of these can bankrupt the system in ten years. Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine which involve more than the traditional approach of drugs and invasive surgery or exclude them altogether as in Naturopathic Medicine are the low cost, highly effective answer to today's lack of wellness problems. This 10 day program can change your life and for some save it. It involves the best of the principles of Chinese Medicine principles of addressing the mind, body and spirit as one to obtain wellness and retain wellness while reducing medical costs. Well done Dr Hyman , well done indeed.

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    This microfiber towel works well to dry you off and it's so soft and compact in it's own little net. Perfect for travel or a quick dry off post swim/ hot yoga and very absorbent. Wish it was slightly larger but the quality of the material is excellent.

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    I purchased mine at best buy about 8 or 10 years ago. It is my favorite mouse pad ever. It is very comfortable to rest your wrist on. I also like the tracking surface. It is super smooth, but yet it provide just a little bit more friction than the super slick, textured gaming pads. At the moment I am not using it because it takes up desk space. A paper thin mouse pad still leaves the space it occupies open as items can be placed on top. That is the only consideration.

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    Excellent software and includes some clip art to add to a greeting card if desired.Easy to use and very good selection of quality greeting cards.

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    What I went through was just the most intolerable thing a person should have to endure if it wasn't for you Amazon purchase agreement I probably would have went after the company I warning all customers to beware of this item it looks great but the issues is to much to bear and I blame myself also because I read the other testimony and I said it can't happen to me go figure always use you first judgement

  • Texas - Not as good as BF Hardline

    Multiplayer: I will give this game 5 stars for the graphics, but I'd say that this is not even close to being as good as Hardline (the best game in the franchise IMO) or even BF4, so 3 stars on the gameplay. The limited amount of weapons does represent the era but it did get boring after only 15 hours of gameplay. Not enough modifications. Battle chests only provide useless skins. Who cares what your gun looks like if it sucks no matter what.

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    I use this to cut my son's and husband's hair. They like it short and this makes that a breeze. Unlike the cheaper hair trimmers, this one has a lot of power and does a great job. You don't have to keep going over the same area over and over, it just cuts the hair.