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  • C. Tharpe - Best Coffee Starbucks makes

    For a medium roast, this ranks very high. It is very very smooth. Great taste. If you lose count of number of scoops you are using by 1 or 2, it does not matter. It is STILL very smooth and balanced. Casi is the only coffee I buy when available, although I usually like stronger roasts. This is the only coffee I will purchase from Starbucks. It is a shame it only is a limited item.

  • K Jinks - That was not convenient for me without a smart phone, so I'm driving with the cracked one

    I received these quickly, but one was cracked. My husband put it on anyway because he didn't want me driving with one missing. I call company to complain about the broken hubcap. They told me they would need a picture. That was not convenient for me without a smart phone, so I'm driving with the cracked one, I guess for he price I paid I shouldn't be surprised. Still disappointed.

  • Alan M. Winchester - Fantastic beginning and middle, then sort of abruptly stopped. But worth the read and can't wait for the next book!

    This book was a lot of fun to read and had elements Clark and Sagan (Rama and Contact) and even some elements of the movie Abyss in terms of how people react to new and potentially threatening situation. These are all great stories and Ms. Wells has added another to the genre. The character development starts great, but then kind of falls off towards the end. The heroine also changed her personality and feelings toward her love interest without any real reason. Frankly with only seven main characters it unfortunate when all the development stopped at the end. I assume there will be a squeal and I will certainly read it, but hopefully it won't feel like the book was pinched off at the end.

  • Cherie - Why Stomach Acid is good for you.

    This is a very good book to learn about what you should and should not put into your body. The damages antacids do to your body and why you should not take Pharm drugs like Nexium forever. These drugs are very damaging to your body. Please read the book and find out natural alternatives to living on drugs like Nexium. We assume we have too much stomach acid when we have acid reflux that is probably not the case at all. These drugs keep your body from producing the needed stomach acid to break down foods that go into your stomach and end up causing more problems than when you started using the medicine. It is hard to get off the medicine but after about a month I seem to have it under control by eating better and taking HCl and Pepsin tablets.