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  • Courtney - Only buy if you don't plan on returning. I returned this product and only got $34.72 back in return....

    I am an interior designer and thought this would be the right product to help me in creating designs. After using Chief Architect Home Designer Pro, I found out it was not the right design software for what I needed it to do. I purchased Sketch Up Pro from another vendor and was a much better application for interior design work. In good faith, I returned Chief Architect Home Designer Pro only to find out they had a restocking fee of $495.99 of the full amount. I think this is a poor way of doing business, since I will never use the software for my work.

  • Kristal - This is my 16 year old son's favorite invention ever!

    Living in a house with two women with long, thick hair, my son was haunted by gobs of our hair in the shower on a daily basis. Other hair-catching drain plugs were messy and gross and I still had to pull sneaky hairs out of the drain every day. My son was so repulsed, his solution had been to barely touch the plug and fling it across the bathroom while trying not to gag. This little bugger is a perfect fit in our drain. It is rubber and soft and can stay put for a long time before cleaning it. The hair winds around the unit and collects at the bottom, out of sight, out of mind; all the while allowing water to pass through the holes freely. My son doesn't have to see the hair nor touch the drain at all, and I don't have to search for it in my bathroom when I shower. I just pull it out and wipe it off with a paper towel whenever I think of it and everybody's happy. The material is such that I can see this product lasting a long time.

  • Steven - This is my 7th purchase of this book going back ...

    This is my 7th purchase of this book going back 10 years or so. Anyone who is in their own business or has a management position in any size company should read this timeless classic. Eli Goldratt has never run a manufacturing business, but never-the-less, you would be mesmerized by this book. Every company has a "Herbie". If you have read this book, you know what I am talking about. "Herbie" is costing your companies 10s of thousands if not millions of dollars. It is a must read!

  • Lyndsay - Not for me.

    I have extremely thick strawberry blonde hair that's in the middle of curly and straight with a nice layer of frizz on top. Well I used Wen because everyone who I know that uses it has said it's a miracle worker, but not for me. Not sure if it's because my hair is just naturally thick and so in between everything, but it made my hair EXTREMELY frizzy (and that's saying something when I naturally have a bit of frizz to begin with).