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  • Tania M. - Overheated and melted

    I had liked the convenience of recharging more batteries at the same time, but today, after 13 months of intermittent use (mostly use for AA camera batteries), it melted in the last 2 ports. The battery casing on 2 of my AA batteries split and the batteries are still too hot to touch after 15 minutes. The unit itself is quite hot and the last port is so warped, the slider where you insert the batteries is stuck. The next one over is also visibly warped from the heat. Since I can return it because the one year return window is closed, it's going into the trash - after it cools off enough.

  • DaveTV - Makes me look good every time

    It is the industry standard and proves it every time when you plot a new set of plans. Makes me look good every time.

  • Tanner Rockwell - Basically a multi vitamin in a bottle. There is ...

    Basically a multi vitamin in a bottle. There is no further information on the label to suggest otherwise. Also not consuming food for two days are part of the "diet". I utilized this while still eating a normal healthy meals. I did not see any loss. Save yourself money and take a multi vitamin.

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    This book is a unique collection of mindset principles, cultural commentary, and political analysis in the best of ways. Mike Cernovich has seen to the core of the reality behind the rise of Donald Trump as POTUS and shares how we may use the same tools to better our own lives.