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Fertility Neighborhood - A site providing information and support for those struggling with infertility and fertility issues with information on ivf, treatment options and having a child.

  • Fertility Neighborhood : Understanding Infertility - A guide from Fertility Neighborhood to understand normal male and female fertility and infertility, including tests and diagnostic procedures, as well as pregnancy, reproductive disorders, such as PCOS and endometriosis, and recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Treatment Options - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that gives options for infertility treatment. How to understand your therapy choices, medications for ovulation induction, and ART. Procedures for women and men: IUI, laparoscopy,sperm retrieval, egg donors,and risks.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Financing Your Care - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that discusses the cost of infertility treatment and how insurance and financial assistance programs may help. Also, the types of plans,and states required to cover infertility and offer coverage for medications.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Finding Support - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that provides a directory of support organizations, advice,and articles to help cope with infertility and it's treatments. Information and support on the emotional aspects, loss, and stress when coping with infertility.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Message Boards - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that helps make a connection to others experiencing infertility by providing a forum to share your advice and support with others in our message boards and chat rooms. Join in on unmoderated chats with fertility experts
  • Fertility Neighborhood : What Is Infertility? - A guide from Fertility Neighborhood to understand normal female and male fertility, definition and causes of infertility, and what to do if having difficulty becoming pregnant. Facts on how to get an evaluation and understanding your diagnosis.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Reproductive Disorders - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that describes cysts to irregular periods;learn more about related conditions that may cause fertility problems like amenorrhea, PCOS, POF, fibroids, endometriosis, STDs,or cancer are only a few reproductive disorders.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Medications for Infertility - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that discusses ovulation induction for ART, how to use injected ovulation medications, and the risks of ART. Medications such as injectable gonadotropins are used for ovulation induction in women undergoing IUI and IVF.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Support Organizations - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that provides listings of national, state, and local groups dedicated to advocacy and support for infertile couples. Organizaions included in helping are the American Infertility Association, RESOLVE, and Fertile Hope.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Events Calendar - A service of Fertility Neighborhood that provides a monthly events calendar helping find local infertility support groups and educational events to help understand the challenging aspects of the infertility experience.
  • Fertility Neighborhood : Procedures for Women - A service provided by Fertility Neighborhood that discusses the variety of procedures that physicians use for female infertility such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) for ovulation induction, laparoscopy to identify endometriosis, and hysteroscopy.

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  • andrew-boston - Unreliable Overpriced Software

    Replaced an older version. Has been nothing but trouble. Required we change password and then it forgot the change. In the process lost a year of transactions. Then it decided it didn't like the second password. Overpriced software; and then they charge you to fix it, when it malfunctions. Back it up every time. When you restore from backup, it deletes more recent entries, so you loose data to recover data.

  • Joey L. - Very Helpful

    This was very helpful, especially for the math portion of the exam. It reviews match concepts that you may not have used since high school and includes lots of practice problems. For the English portion, there are plenty of hints and tricks that I found useful during the actual exam. The writing portion's hints are particularly useful and I definitely recommend using their practice prompts. The vocabulary section is also useful. Honestly, learning vocab is only so helpful on the exam, but if you learn a few new words you'll definitely see a couple come up. Even though this edition is old now (It's 2015), it will still help you... and save you a few dollars!

  • C. L. Swearingen - Please read if covering a dark-colored tub!

    First of all, a disclaimer. I'm a fairly successful DIYer. I've done a lot of painting and staining and I felt I could do a good job with this.

  • cowman - Got this for his birthday and he said he liked mine but needed shoulder straps

    Bought this as a gift for a buddy of mine who keeps borrowing my backbrace. Got this for his birthday and he said he liked mine but needed shoulder straps. Shipping was quick but I don't like the look or feel of it...kinda cheap feeling and it was one of the higher priced braces. I expected t he brace wrap itself to be is not, but the tightening straps are. Doesn't look like their can be much movement. In the end it will be my friends choice to keep it or not. I intended to get me a new one and thought this might work for me...nope, I wouldn't get another one. I will update th is review after my friend tries it. And..should straps are pretty thin...I can see them cutting into shoulders. A wider one would be better or some other kind of protection like they have on back packs, binoculars and such.

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    Great program for those of you who cannot afford to but the full blown 3-D version. No issues, program works great!

  • M. Blankenship - American hero

    What a great story. I felt like I wads walking with Mr. Palmer through his life. He has always been an inspiration to me. I cried when I heard of his passing. No line will ever fill his shoes. Society could learn so much by reading this book. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we treated people the Mr. Palmer did. It was indeed a life well played.

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    We got this for our 3 year old twin, after one of them started waking up really early this summer. They like it and pay attention to the colors on the clock. Sometimes they still get up a little early, but I think it helps.