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  • Queyanna Guishard - Overall, It's A Great Phone

    I enjoy this the Prevail II better than the Prevail. However, I had one encounter where it overheated and stick. After that one incident, I didn't experience that issue again. After all, everything in life, including technology will have its pros and cons. Can't win it all! Overall, it's a great phone.

  • Derek Fogarty - Perfect For 1/4 acre yard and Under Playsets

    I was looking for something to replace a gas trimmer for my 1/4 acre city lot. The gas trimmer was loud and too much of a beast for what I needed in a trimmer. The Worx 2.0 is exactly what I was looking for....quiet, battery-operated with the capability of edging and trimming. The best part for me is the added benefit of it being a mini mower, which is perfect for mowing the grass under and around our playset and shed. After a month of use, I have nothing bad to say about this's perfect for my size lawn and for what I need it to do.

  • Christina Nguyen - DO NOT BUY

    This item is BIG and doesn't taste, cook or save any more energy than a conventional oven. What you're basically getting is a clunkety machine sitting on top of your range collecting dust. After trying it, I returned it to be charged $43 for shipping back to the company AND another $60 because they shipped it to me 2days which I didn't get in two days to begin with. STUPID customer service, bad product. Complete SCAM if you want to fall for it. I've bought some good stuff from QVC and this is NOT one of them. Bad, bad, bad all around.

  • nodice - Entertaining

    3.5 stars. I was highly entertained, but then again I was sipping on Lemoncello while watching. I agree with other reviewer that this film is a combination of every catastrope film that you have ever watched before. But truth be told, I sort of enjoyed all those that came before this as well. I like that the last suspenseful moments are from our heroes screwing up, but I really didn't like losing the step-father in all this and am not at all sure that our main hero, Jackson, deserved winning his family back. I think an ending of father and step-father accepting each other would have played better. I mean, did the wife even miss her husband? She just bounced back with the first husband like it wasn't nothing. My main problem is the selling of tickets for such a major amount. I mean, the currency won't mean anything in a world of no goverment. Seems like having each continent invest in thousands of Noah Arks would have boosted the economy for the three years that they knew of the approaching end of days and they could have save a whole lot more people. 3 three years and 50 states building arks. How is this a bad plan? Some assistant being listened to as head of state? There were a lot questionable decisions, but like I said with the right buss you will still find this great entertainment.