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  • Howard - Enough Quicken product for my needs.

    Provides everything I need to do my finances. Personally I don't bother with the more expensive versions, since they provide features I don't need. I'm not crazy about the way Intuit build in a 3-year obsolescence, but I guess it's a reasonable way for them to make money.

  • MarinTrader - Good but pricey

    I read the "Turbo Protein Diet" book which heavliy marketed and based its diet on the Almased powder. To give the diet a fair chance, I ordered the Almased. While it appears to be of high quality, thickens up the shake well (I only used water to limit the amount of calories and carbs), and tastes acceptable - it does help you drop pounds as promised in the book. HOWEVER, I am big on getting good deals and getting the most for my money. To this aim I also ordered Spirutein strawberry flavored protein powder. After losing 10 pounds on the Almased, I started flavoring my shakes with the Spirutein. Once I ran out of Almased, I continued the diet using only the Spirutein with the same results. Another 10 pounds lost. My non-scientific conclusion? You can get the same results using Spirutein, save over 30% the expense of Almased, get a better tasting shake and Spriutein also comes in banana, chocolate and other flavors. BTW - Spriutein is also non-GMO, all natural and very comparable to Almased.

  • Martha Valderrama - Pasta Lover must have

    Love the Kindle Fire version of this magazine. Easily propped up in my kitchen and recipe's are easy to follow. Made about three of these dishes so far and they are absolutely yummy!

  • Agion1 - Corrupt Database

    Should you find that your database gets corrupted, good luck ever getting it back. Neat's support is terrible. The times I got "help," it was a simple iteration of what the basic help says online, on their site. It also takes some time for them to get back with you, all the while, in my case, my business is getting backlogged. In any case, my database was corrupted and I could not open the Neat software. I had to uninstall every trace of it (not their uninstaller) using REVO uninstaller (removing all traces from the directory) before I could install it again. I then restored an older backup. I began to backup every day. Today, it flopped again on me and I have to rinse and repeat. I will no longer be using NEAT. You are better off to scan you files manually and file them normally. Neat is well-meaning but TERRIBLE product.