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  • H. Dadabhoy - not for the non-white woman

    I am 21 years old and have not had a child nor am I on hormonal birth control. I do not match any of the youthful/pinkish tones on the packages of any of the dyes. Is there something wrong with me? No, I'm just not white! This product's use of the words "restore" and "youthful hue" to describe the bubblegum-pink of the idealized white woman's vulva is damaging to the sexual confidence of all non-white women. When I emailed the company about their wording, they said "you shouldn't take this so seriously." Not serious, eh?. One of the side-effects is possible burning and pain -- make you vulva all pink and irritated, so sexy and not-serious.

  • Jarvis M - Taste great and feels great

    I drink a LOT of tea. From all over the world. I also drink lots of coffee, my brother in law is a coffee connoisseur with a top Gaggia machine and by comparison I am such a total teahead with a huge collection of teas, enough to start my own Boston tea party and let me tell you this detoz tea hits all of the right notes for me. Sometimes you're just looking for that right beverage that you can just curl up with when you are tired as a nice heartwarming treat. This tea's perfect for that, whether it's just for casual drinking and health benefits or as a treat after a haed day's work. The packaging is definitely made to impress, it definitely got me curious and I am very glad that this tea does not disappoint!!!