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Clinical Architecture - Healthcare Terminology Management - Our healthcare terminology management solutions help standardize, normalize, and better use information so you can leverage your workforce more effectively.

  • Explore Clinical Architecture | Medical Information Management - Explore the latest trends in terminology and medical information management, find out about Clinical Architecture's product features and benefits.
  • Take Action and Connect with Clinical Architecture - Get a closer look at how Clinical Architecture products can benefit you. Schedule a demo, or meet with us at a conference or trade show.
  • Clinical Architecture Healthcare IT Blog | Clinical Architecture, LLC - Read our Healthcare IT Blog posts to access insightful articles about healthcare data, industry trends, and the latest Clinical Architecture product updates.
  • Contact Clinical Architecture | Carmel, Indiana - Contact Clinical Architecture to find out how Symedical, Content Cloud or other Clinical Architecture products and services can impact your organization.
  • About Us | Clinical Architecture, LLC - Clinical Architecture understands how the differences in standards and interoperability affect your ability to deliver quality care.
  • The Clinical Architecture Team | Terminology Management - Our goal is to develop innovative products that help healthcare organizations achieve better compliance, usability, and outcomes in terminology management.
  • Clinical Architecture Locations | Healthcare Terminology - Our products are content neutral—meaning that no matter what healthcare terminology assets you use, we have the tools and expertise to help.
  • Markets | Unstructured Text | Clinical Architecture - Clinical Architecture solutions provide a commercial grade, integrated platform for electronic health records software that supports any terminology you use—whether mapped to current standards or based in a legacy system, using updated codes or relying on unstructured text. 
  • Symedical Healthcare Terminology Management Software - Symedical is a comprehensive healthcare terminology management software suite that addresses all aspects of healthcare terminology management. 
  • Healthcare Content Acquisition | Content Cloud - We bring together your required clinical and administrative terminologies in one application, simplifying the process of healthcare content acquisition.
  • What We Do | Data Normalization | Clinical Architecture - Our products augment your existing technology, making your data normalization, use, and governance more efficient and more effective.
  • Terminology Management and Interoperability | Clinical Architecture - Symedical gives you ultimate control of your terminology management. For any scope of data, disparate clinical information, and absolutely every terminology.
  • Data Normalization and Mapping | Clinical Architecture - Symedical’s consult feature analyzes how data normalization and mapping works across your organization, and informs users when they are about to map inconsistently.
  • Natural Language Processing Solution | SIFT for Meaning - Clinical Architecture’s ground-breaking natural language processing (NLP) solution: SIFT (Semantic Interpretation of Free Text).
  • Acquire Standard Terminologies | Clinical Architecture, LLC - No matter which standards and terminologies you need, Clinical Architecture products help you acquire standard terminologies and seamlessly update and integrate them with your existing systems.
  • Medical Information Management | Why We Do It - We are committed to revolutionizing medical information management and devoted to building solutions that change the quality of healthcare information. 
  • Improve Your Data | Interoperability in Healthcare - What if you could achieve seamless interoperability in healthcare information from different sources? Schedule your customized demo to learn more.
  • Enhance Your System | Data Normalization | Interoperability - Find out how our innovative solutions can improve your data normalization and interoperability and enhance your system by scheduling a customized demo today.
  • Terminology Standards to Empower Your Workforce - How much effort does your staff expend on managing disparate clinical information? How much time does it take to stay current on terminology standards? 
  • What's Next | Healthcare Information Technology - Our team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of possibility in healthcare information technology. We’re committed to fostering a culture of innovation.

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  • Dan Active - Great rack

    I have enjoyed the rack thus far. I have a Hyundai Sonata and can easily get in and out of the trunk. I opted for this rack so that the platform folds upright; however, the main draw back is the added weight. It is pretty heavy especially if you plan to take on and off frequently.

  • Allan! your friend. - wasn't sharpened when shipped.

    only thing i'm knocking this for is because it wasn't sharpened when shipped. it's kind of a no-brainer, knives get shipped sharp.

  • Montani - The WV state software did not work properly

    The federal version worked well and I like it pretty well. However for the price they are now charging they should provide a free E-file for the state too and in this case the WV state tax department said the software sent unneeded and incorrect information. When I called H&R Block about it, they just brushed off my complaint and didn't resolve it for me. They would not even promise to fix it in next year's release.

  • scott - kaspersky internet security 2013

    over all I am very happy with Kaspersky 2013. I have had kaspersky in the past and have not had any issues with them.

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    This review is for the iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case, Vena [vCommute] Flip Leather Back [Card Slot Holder][Smart Cover KickStand] Heavy Duty Cover for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5" (2016) - Black/Space Gray. I have decided that this is one of my favorite phone cases to carry and I have tried a lot of cases. I love that part of it is made of leather on the back and the flap where is comes open for the cards. It can hold at least 3 cards or cash. The feel and quality of it is awesome. It hold your cards better than other cases I have because there is a part that surrounds the area where the cards go so they will not fall out. I tested it to see if I accidentally left it open, if the cards would fall out and they don't! If I didn't have another case but this one to carry and use I would be fine with it. The case also fits my phone nicely and is great for protecting it as well. What a great quality case.

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