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  • SRVFAN - Great treadmill under $1500 and great service!

    After a lot of research I decided on this particular model from Sole Fitness. It's rated as a best buy by several websites and I was not disappointed! We had a few problems with the shipping but Sole did not ask any questions and just sent the replacement parts we needed. Customer service was very responsive and fast. I had doubts originally because I am not a small man (250 Ibs) and while we do not use it every single day it does get used 3-4 days a week by me and my wife. It is built solid and sturdy. The display has all the functions and programs we need. Honestly, I don't know why people want a super fancy display or even a tv on their treadmill. It's a treadmill, not an entertainment center! I can say I would definitely recommend Sole Fitness to friends and family and strangers.

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    The jaw dropping action starts immediately...with an everyman kind of guy as hero. The special effects sequences in LA are not to be missed. Nice background story of our hero growing as a man, and showing everyone he is responsible and can act when necessary, even if he is scared to death. My favorite action-special effects movie!! Bit of comedy thrown in provides a little comic relief,

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    I really like this product. I like the number of attachments and the design of this water pic. After reading the instructions very easy to operate. I also like the storage compartment for the various pics as well as the ease of putting the pics in the handle and releasing it from the handle. I highly recommend this product.

  • Ashley M Heaton - Good workout, fun for the kids, video mash-ups can be hilarious

    The game itself doesn't seem to be a whole lot different from the others we have owned. We had the earlier ones on Wii so this one has the Kinect instead of the remotes to tell if you are doing it right. I will comment that the camera is very accurate on seeing what you are doing and the moves you are asked to perform seem to be more complex than the Wii ones we are used to.

  • jordan thompson - Terrible terrible button placement, other than that I like the Edge 820 a lot!

    Id like to be able to give 5 stars, and in the future I may come back and do that but certainly not yet. This thing has a rather glaring design flaw in the placement of the start and lap buttons. They are on the bottom of the unit... so if you use a K-Edge garmin mount... they are virtually inaccessible for you to press... its rather absurd. Luckily my edge 810 required the K edge XL mount so I can remedy this problem but with out that its nearly impossible to press the buttons. I have no idea what they were thinking with the button placement...

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    I'm a 20+ handicap, so these balls are perfect for me. Do they improve my distance, absolutely no idea, BUT they are cheap and very visible for those odd occasions I don't find the fairway.