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  • Steve - If you like your room to be dark when you sleep you want this charger.

    I really like this product for a couple reasons. First, it glows different colors to let you know the phone is charging and if it a fast or slow charge. The best part however, and something you will really appreciate if you like sleeping in a dark room, is the LEDs only stay on for a shot period of time. I had purchased another brand and it lit up my bedroom like a Christmas tree and would only go out once the charging was complete. I now use the PLESON charger in the bedroom and I use the other at the office where the bright light doesn't matter. Second reason I'm excited about this product is simply the fit and feel of it. It has some weight to it so its not sliding all over the place and also has a nice rubber ring where your phone sets to hold it in place. Last, this charger dosent seem as picky as the other on exactly where I have to place the phone to start the charging cycle, maybe it has a larger coil, I'm not sure, but very few times have I had to reposition the phone to start it charging. One last point, and it may be obvious to most, but this item does not include the charging adapter, you either have to use the one one that comes with your phone or purchase a fast charger 2.0 separately. With out the upgraded power adapter you will not be able to fast charge.

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    One of the most delicious vitamin gummies I've had! No artificial weird taste (well besides the sugar of course). It tastes just like regular gummy bears, which can be dangerous. Don't take too many, it'll be tempting not to. I like that this one focuses on immune-building supplemental nutrition, great to have in the winter especially.

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    The taste of the vanilla is really good, I love the flavor pack that give you the option to do other flavors rather than just vanilla. Other protein shake companies need to give this option. They keep me really full during the day so these are a plus on my weight loss journey!

  • Morgan - ... this book for class but this ended up being great! The stories are so interesting and it keeps ...

    Needed to get this book for class but this ended up being great! The stories are so interesting and it keeps you wondering what the next one will be about!

  • John Andrew Propes - Save your money.

    Don't waste your money!!! This product is awkward and clumsy to use. The structure itself was high centered and rocked side to side one inch out of true. (Cannot even imagine how unstable it would be with 45lb plates loaded on!) the safety mechanism is cumbersome and my wife could not engage/disengage it which is a big problem. This machine is a good concept, but Body Solid has not mastered it yet.

  • hlshelley - great book.

    I am so excited using this with my kiddos. They do pretty well at swishing and holding the oil in their mouths, I however last about 3 minutes is all. If it helps reduce dental bills I figure why not. It can't do any harm and coconut oil is antibacterial.

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    This has to be the worst product I have ever bought from Amazon. I used this product and now my feet look worse than they did before I start using the product. The patches left a big white spot on my toes. I'm so angry that my toes are ruined. One small problem turned into a huge problem.