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  • Kristen - You will never use another water conditioner for your aquarium

    I once threw off the nitrogen cycle in one of my tanks when I treated it with some medication. I didn't realize this until I tested the water right before a partial water change and saw that my ammonia readings were off the chart. I increased the % of water changed and added Seachem Prime according to the directions on the bottle. I continued to test my water daily and was doing partial water changes with Prime every 1-2 days. The ammonia finally dropped, but then my nitrites flew off the charts. I continued the routine of water changes with Prime, sometimes adding extra (per instructed on the bottle). The cycle finally completed and not a single fish died. As a matter of fact, not a single fish ever acted distressed or sick in any way. I honestly don't think those fish would have made it without this product.

  • kwiklip - Good Machine for the Price

    I just got this machine, which is my first new machine, even though I have been sewing for 20+ years. I inheirited an ancient Montgomery Ward single-stitch machine that worked its way down through my family. There was a mishap with it being dropped and I didn't repair it, because I was just over it. I finally treated myself to this machine, and I am glad I did. It is fairly basic, but that makes it easy to understand. As a novice, I don't need many complicated functions, just a machine that works well and is heavy-duty enough to handle some beginning quilting. I am on my 3rd project (did 2 throw pillows and now making a baby quilt) and so far, I love it. I am not noticing the problems I have been reading about in other reviews. The hassle with threading, which was touched upon twice that I saw, isn't really that hard. It is clearly illustrated in the book and just takes some getting used to. I do know that the needle doesn't become unthreaded easily like on my old machine, probably because it is held in place more securely. I have played with the various stitches and with the buttonholer, and I am satisfied with it. Inserting and threading the bobbin is a breeze, and the bobbin cover is clear plastic, so you can easily see when you are getting low on thread. It has handled multi-layers okay, but did struggle with the rubber-backed terry cloth pillow case I altered. It got hung up on the rubber and puckered a bit. I have since ordered a walking foot from eBay, which will take care of that problem in the future.


    Many of the songs you have to BUY after buying this game!!! Sort of scammish :( Is very fun but since the options of songs are so limited, it gets boring very fast. Really bummed about the limited songs and having to pay MORE after BUYING THIS GAME!

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    i have been useing the triple teatox kit and wow this is one powerfull setup for my body im takeing this daily to stay on top of things i like how you have detox and diet they both work flawlessly has cleaned out my body for the better top of the line i do a lot of walking 7 days a week about 5 hours everyday working out just walking and hikeing by doing this and takeing the teas it has pushed all of the crap out of mys system im now feeling stronger more energy more alive im loseing weight i feel alive again thats for sure and that matters the most i recommend this to everyone it comes with the bonus tea infuser which is a plus made really well very durable to last it works like a pro.

  • SocialButterfly - Hot Flash Control YES, Libido Booster NO

    I guess I'm the only one of the current reviewers who was hoping Amberen's claims on libido enhancement were true. As my title suggests, Amberen does not deliver in this department which is why I'm on Amazon today researching a new supplement.