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Johns Creek Surgery | Bariatric & General Surgery - Welcome to Atlanta Bariatrics, at Johns Creek Surgery, PC. For individuals with a body mass index (BMI) greater that 35, our surgical program offers several

  • Sign up for Newsletter | Johns Creek Surgery - Would you like to receive our free e-newsletter each month? It’s filled with motivational tips, fitness advice, and meal ideas, along with healthy lifestyle
  • About Atlanta Bariatrics | Johns Creek Surgery - If you are overweight and have tried to lose weight through conventional means such as dieting, exercise, and behavior therapy, but have been unsuccessful, then
  • Our Doctors | Johns Creek Surgery - At Atlanta Bariatrics you will have the time to explore the options best for you and make a carefully considered, informed decision.
  • Christopher J. Hart, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Johns Creek Surgery - Christopher J. Hart, M.D., is the Chief of Staff of Emory Johns Creek Hospital and serves as the Medical Director of the Atlanta Bariatric Center at Emory Johns
  • William H. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Johns Creek Surgery - William H. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S. has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers Research Council of America. He is also a member of many
  • Surgery Center | Johns Creek Surgery - This state-of-the-art surgery center is owned by Dr. Christopher Hart and Dr. William H. Johnson, who have been committed to serving the area since 2001.
  • Accreditation for Atlanta General & Bariatric Surgery Center | Johns Creek Surgery - AAAHC, MBSAQIP, or the Accreditation Association means that the Atlanta General & Bariatric Surgery Center (AGBSC) participates in on-going self evaluation,
  • Getting Started | Johns Creek Surgery - At Atlanta Bariatrics, our team approach to weight loss can help you succeed where other methods and diets have failed.
  • Are You A Candidate for Bariatric surgery? | Johns Creek Surgery - Is Weight Loss Surgery For You? Use our BMI Calculator below to find out if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery.
  • Health Benefits | Johns Creek Surgery - Most patients will lose between 50-70% of their excess weight. The exact amount of weight that is lost will depend on compliance with dietary and exercise
  • Frequently Asked Questions | Bariatric surgery | FAQs Bariatric surgery Atlanta, GA | Johns Creek Surgery - Read through the list of our most commonly asked questions at Atlanta Bariatrics.
  • View Our Online Seminar | Johns Creek Surgery - Before Viewing the Online Seminar, Please take a moment to read our instructions carefully. The online seminar is given by Dr. Christopher Hart and Dr. William
  • Register for In-Person Seminar | Johns Creek Surgery - Interested in learning more about your bariatric surgical options? Atlanta Bariatrics provides free, live seminar presentations by one of our physicians for
  • Upcoming In-Person Seminars | Johns Creek Surgery - View our calendar and plan to join us for an in-person seminar which are held at Emory Johns Creek Hospital located at 6325 Hospital Parkway in Johns Creek, GA.
  • Verify Insurance Benefits | Johns Creek Surgery - Insurance and cost is often a prominent factor when considering the decision to undergo weight loss surgery to treat your obesity. An increasing number of
  • BMI Calculator | Johns Creek Surgery - Use our BMI Calculator to find out if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery.
  • Health Insurance Coverage | Johns Creek Surgery - One of the main concerns for many people when considering weight loss surgery is cost. When dealing with health insurance companies, the process can often seem
  • Financial Assistance | Johns Creek Surgery - If you are uninsured or underinsured and have an income equal to or less than 400% of the federal poverty guideline, then you may qualify for up to 100%
  • Weight Loss Surgery Options | Johns Creek Surgery - We offer multiple procedures at Atlanta Bariatrics. Almost every one of our cases is done laparoscopically, meaning we use multiple small incisions instead of a
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy | Johns Creek Surgery - The Gastric Sleeve surgery procedure is one of the newer procedures used to treat obesity. It became an approved bariatric procedure by the American Society of
  • Gastric Bypass | Johns Creek Surgery - What is Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass? The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass has been around since the 1960′s, so we know the most about this procedure and it has the longest
  • LAP-BAND® for weight loss | Atlanta, GA | Johns Creek Surgery - LAP-Band surgery (or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding) is the least invasive and safest of all the weight loss surgery procedures done for weight loss
  • Band Plication | Johns Creek Surgery - Band Plication involves adding the safety and ease of the Lap Band procedure with a plication of the stomach to get faster weight loss.
  • Intra-Gastric Balloon | Johns Creek Surgery - The Intra-Gastric Balloon System weight-loss system can help patients lose weight quickly over a 6 month period. The non-surgical procedure involves inserting a
  • Revisional Surgery | Johns Creek Surgery - The types of Revisional Surgery available will vary for each patient depending on the original surgery performed and the reason the patient is requiring the

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