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Allergies|Allergic Reactions|Identify & Treatment » Allergy Medical UK - Do you have an allergy? Allergy Medical can help you with all types of allergy diagnosis & treatments. We offer effective treatments for all kinds of allergies.

  • Allergy Symptoms & Treatment » Allergy Medical UK - Examining the facts on a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses, begins here. We help you identify differing symptoms and how they may be linked with the cause.
  • Types of Allergies - Conditions » Allergy Medical UK - It is estimated that one in three people in the UK currently has, or will, suffer with an allergy sometime in their life and we know that number is increasing every year.
  • Anaphylaxis (Nut Allergy) » Allergy Medical UK - Anaphylaxis is the serious, possibly life-threatening allergic reaction mainly caused by foods or inhalant agents.
  • Angio-Oedema » Allergy Medical UK - Angio-oedema is thought to be the result of immediate allergy and the release of histamine from a number of immune cells
  • Asthma » Allergy Medical UK - Many people and children with asthma have a simple allergy to dust, house dust mites, pets or moulds. With allergy testing it is possible to identify specific triggers.
  • Eczema » Allergy Medical UK - House dust mites thrive in a warm, humid environment such as modern, well insulated, centrally heated homes; their main habitat is bed mattresses & carpets
  • Hay Fever » Allergy Medical UK - You are not alone!  Hay fever is one of the most common allergic conditions. It affects up to one in five people at some point in their life. 
  • Oral Allergy » Allergy Medical UK - Oral Allergy Syndrome - Allergy Medical UK examines the symptoms, identifies the cause of Oral Allergy Syndrome & then recommends the most appropriate course of treatment for Oral Allergy Syndrome, Desensitisation. Call us for an appointment now.
  • Perennial (allergic) Rhinitis » Allergy Medical UK - Many people with rhinitis have a simple allergy to house dust mites.  The mites thrive in a warm, humid environment such as insulated, centrally heated homes
  • Pet allergy » Allergy Medical UK - Allergies to dogs and cats are a common problem.  Cat allergies are twice as common as an allergy to dogs.  It can be very distressing if a family member develops an allergy to a loved cat or dog
  • Urticaria (hives) » Allergy Medical UK - Urticaria or hives is a local or generalised blotchy rash which often occurs with skin irritation. Sometimes it can coincide with angio-oedema.
  • Wasp & Bee Sting Allergy » Allergy Medical UK - Wasp, bee and hornet are the most common insects to trigger an allergic reaction.  Their stings can be extremely painful and unpleasant.
  • Immune Problems, Conditions & Treatment » Allergy Medical UK - Classic allergic reactions such as a peanut allergy are immediate and can be life-threatening, however, they are usually simple to identify.
  • Arthritis » Allergy Medical UK - Arthritis describes the slow, progressive inflammation of joints which mostly affects people in middle age and beyond.
  • Babies & Children's immune problems » Allergy Medical UK - Is your baby suffering with colic, blocked nose, chesty cough, sickness, restless or poor sleep, milk rash, eczema?
  • Blastocystis Hominis and Dientamoeba Fragilis » Allergy Medical UK - Blastocystis Hominis and Dientamoeba Fragilis are microscopic parasites which are discovered in the stools and can infect the digestive tract.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, M.E » Allergy Medical UK - A consistent finding in people with chronic fatigue is the presence of features of dysfunction in the chemistry of their cells.
  • Crohn's Disease symptoms » Allergy Medical UK - Crohn's Disease - Allergy Medical UK examines the symptoms, identifies the cause, diagnoses & tests, provides treatment for Crohn's Disease, dietary changes or Neutralisation. Call us now to arrange an appointment.
  • Fibromyalgia » Allergy Medical UK - Fibromyalgia has a lot in common with chronic fatigue syndrome and is often associated with the same causative factors.
  • Food Intolerance symptoms » Allergy Medical UK - The concept of food intolerance, like other types of immune reactivity, is complex because it is responsible for many modern-day conditions and ill health.
  • Candida and Fungal » Allergy Medical UK - In modern Medicine, yeasts are often viewed as harmless micro-organisms causing only trivial problems such as genital thrush, fungal nails and some irritating skin rashes.
  • Wheat, Gluten & Coeliac Intolerance » Allergy Medical UK - There is a lot of misunderstanding concerning wheat intolerance, gluten intolerance and coeliac disease.
  • Hyperactivity | ADHD » Allergy Medical UK - Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and a range of behavioural problems in children can be due to food intolerances, food chemicals or food constituents.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) » Allergy Medical UK - IBS has seen an increase in many western countries. While stress is very common today, patients strongly deny stressful circumstances to explain their digestive symptoms
  • Migraine » Allergy Medical UK - Migraine is an immune phenomenon: when a person stops using foods or drinks known to contain pharmacologically active substances, the migraines initially worsen for a few days but later clear.
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) » Allergy Medical UK - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS - Allergy Medical UK examines the symptoms, identifies the cause, diagnoses & tests, provides treatment for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) with Neutralisation. Call us now to arrange an appointment.
  • Obesity » Allergy Medical UK - Cardio-vascular disease and cancer, are the two main causes of death in the western world, obesity is now described as the third epidemic.
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Mental Illness » Allergy Medical UK - There is no doubt that individual circumstances play an important role on how we feel following the death of a loved one, a separation or ongoing financial concerns.
  • Allergy Testing & Treatment for Allergies » Allergy Medical UK - We are dedicated to investing time with every individual, to recommend and then apply a tailor-made course of treatment for each patient.
  • Allergy Test Options » Allergy Medical UK - Identifying the cause is the first step in understanding why your health has been affected.  At Allergy Medical UK we use a variety of tests

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