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  • nathan - No gimmicks

    This mouse is definitely a crowd pleaser. It fixes just about all of the issues people had with the original Finalmouse. It's got a much much more structured build quality feeling despite being marginally larger. It's kind of strange seeing how small the difference the size is, while it feels totally different due to the new shape. The clicks on the mouse are every so slightly firmer as well, when compared to the Classic ERGO, but still have that crispy satisfying clicks Finalmouse is known for, just slightly firmer. Most importantly, what Finalmouse is highly regarded for is their sensor implementation. TOP NOTCH HERE.

  • Michelle Lamb Discher - Works very well

    I was skeptical, but this actually works like a charm. The advance over other types is it's vertical aspect. As soon as a flat hair catcher has a few long hairs on it, the water can't get through at all. You open your eyes, and your standing in two inches of water in the shower. The TubShroom is tall; it fits snugly, and as hair builds up at the bottom, the water still flows into holes at the top.

  • hols80 - DId not work for what I needed

    I bought this, rather pricey combo (in my opinion) for my feet/nails- hoping that the oral spray would work as an added combo. For those of you with toenail fungus and looking to rid your self of it, I would not reccomend this product. Though, it may serve its intended purposes as a topical ointment. I'm just upset I spent 30 bucks and had little to no results what so ever :(

  • T Neal - As it claims to be

    This product took about one week to kick in but it is a very noticeable difference. I have been having some really great workouts in the gym and in bed.

  • Frederick McGuire - Problems

    I have ordered eight of these units. Of the eight, two have had "base" failures that are extremely difficult the diagnose. The base is the part of the thermostat that mounts to the wall and the main unit attaches to. If you have heating and air conditioning with four wires, when the base fails you will have the fan unit come on but the compressor will not start. On the first one that we had problems with, Nest finally stated that it was a bad circuit board on the air handler after days of troubleshooting. We replaced the air handler and it still did not work. We then swapped out a base with another thermostat and the unit worked. Two months later a second unit failed with the same problems as the first. Sure enough it was another base failure. These were first generation systems.